Computer Resource Centre



The Computer Resource Centre (CRC) was established in 2004, It serves as the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) nerve center of the University. It is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring an ICT-driven environment based on current technology trends. It is a central service unit that provides ICT facilities for teaching, research, and consultancy services within the University and to the outside world.CRC has been responsible for various networking activities and Software implementation and automation within the University. The Computer Resource Centre has highly contributed to boosting the University's webometric ranking.

For proper coordination and effective operation for service delivery, a well-defined administrative structure has been set up.


  • To become a foremost responsive and resourceful excellent ICT solutions centre in Nigeria providing robust ICT solutions, products and services within and outside Nigeria.


  • To cater for the ICT needs of FUTA community. This includes the provision of enterprise resource solutions for all departments, units, and centres of the University.
  • To promote and sustain ICT revolution within the University in order to drive, enhance and revolutionize learning, teaching and research activities; processes, procedures, methods of management and administrative functions of the University. .
  • To contribute immensely to the development of the ICT industry nationwide and worldwide by undertaking research in diverse aspects of Computer, Information, and Communication Technology.
  • To serve as Software Incubation Centre for FUTA, and by extension the entire country, from where well and thoroughly engineered sophisticated, robust, and efficient software engines will be produced for the needs of all walks of life.
  • To provide an enabling environment for academic, scientific, and technological research and learning through the provision of adequate access to a global bank of electronic information.
  • To make the University’s vast information repository fully structured, well organized, and automated in order to guarantee the timely availability of quality information.
  • To elevate FUTA, and by extension Nigeria, into an enviable status in the global world of ICT