Computer Resource Centre

Computer Resource Centre is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) nerve centre of the Federal University of Technology, Akure. Under the System Division of Centre, there are two subunits which are

The Enterprise Academic Systems (EAS)

This sub-division is focused on developing and designing various software solutions(Systems) for increased and effective Academic Operation processes at every level of the University enterprise and the numerous solutions developed have been contributory to the improved academic integration processes within the University.

The Corporate Administration Systems(CAS)

Corporate administration system Subdivision of the System division is centered at designing a complete solution for Integrating and managing administrative Services within the University.

The System Division of CRC exists to fulfill the following:

  • To provide enterprise resource solutions for the University: This involves the in-house development of numerous software engines for effective and efficient operations of individual departments, units, and centers of the University.
  • To generate revenue for the University through total solution provisioning to the outside world – educational institutions, industries, banks, commercial ventures, governments, and developing countries in Africa.
  • To serve as Software Incubation Centre for the University and the whole Nigeria through thorough research and development in the field of Software Engineering and other related fields in order to produce solutions and products of local, national, and global relevance and importance.
  • To initiate, take lead, and participate in both academic and industrial research and development efforts geared towards evolving computer-based solutions in diverse sectors of the economy of Nigeria and the whole world.
  • To contribute immensely to the development and advancement of the Software Industry in Nigeria through active participation by rolling out off-the-shelf sophisticated, efficient, robust, and reliable software products.
  • To engage in training professional software developers.
  • To participate in ICT awareness campaigns within and outside the FUTA community.