CRC manages the two currently installed VSAT. The first VSAT is used at the University’s Cyber Café comprising of about 40 PCs. The second VSAT is installed within the CRC premises, which serves all the computers installed in CRC, other schools and department in the University Campus as well as the administrative block. At present the CRC is spearheading the networking of the entire campus for the purpose of effective and prompt delivery of information in electronic format. The network provides a basis for broadband Internet access to virtually all offices in FUTA. It will also provide students with adequate facility to use the Internet for researches, technical and term papers and general electronic communication. A more robust content is also underway to enhance the resources on the campus network. This will include almost all information that students, parents, and staff would need from time to time. This will be available to everyone either through the campus Intranet or over the larger Internet. The CRC is carrying out various training programmes. Some of the trainings target FUTA community itself
in order to elevate the ICT literacy of the university and enhance productivity by using ICT as a driving force. The following is a bit of the series of training programmes at CRC:

a. Data Processing

b. Multimedia Designs and Presentations c. Web Designs

d. Computer gineering Practices

e. Computer Networking

f. Computer Programming

g. Linux OS and Networking

h. Internet Training and much more




The Computer Resource Centre is presently located at the building donated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The second phase of the building is under construction.