DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF EXAMINATION TIME TABLE   Introduction   Problem The existing time table generation is facing lots of challenges; one of the major problems at hand is that, some students usually have more than one course scheduled at the same period.   Objective The objective is to come up with a very effective automated examination time table generation system   FUNCTIONS IN AUTOMATING EXAMINATION TIME TABLE Manage Examination venue Manage  Examination Time Manage  Examination Supervision Manage Examination Course Manage Allocation Constraints and Exception Manage Student/Venue Allocation Manage Report(s)     PROCESSES INVOLVE IN THE AUTOMATION OF EXAMINATION TIME TABLE   1.     MANAGEMENT OF EXAMINATION VENUE v  Create, Edit, Delete Examination Venue ü  Entity affected is VENUE ü  Attributes: Venue: venueidP(autonumber), name(varchar, unique), capacity(int), location(varchar), categoryidF(number) statusidF(number) Category: categoryidP(autonumber), category (general, department) (varchar, unique) Status: statusidP(autonumber), status (available, not-available etc.) (varchar, unique)   v  Venue Mapping ü  Entity affected is VENUE ü  Attributes MappingID, venueID, belongto(deptid, schoolid, general), flag(G, D, S)   v  Create, Edit, Delete Venue Constraints ü  Venue capacity versus number of students registered per course ü  Venue availability in terms of time and day ü  Entity affected is VENUES     2.     MANAGEMENT OF EXAMINATION TIME SLOT (and also manage examination days) v  Create, Edit, Delete number of exam slot per day: (number of exams to be taking per day, slot duration) ü  Entity affected: SLOT ü  Attributes Slot: slotId(autonumber, unique), dayId(number), numberOfSlot(number), slotDuration(3slots, ::table1)(number), slotInterval(break), startTime Day: dayId(autonumber, unique), dayName(varchar)   v  Create, Edit, Delete Exam duration/period (No of days for exams) ü  Entity affected: EXAMDURATION ü  Attributes