It is now realised that the ability to use IT tools to maximise efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and to support development, transparency and both staff and student’s satisfaction is a valuable skill needed in all areas.


This has placed IT Training, Research and Development (TRD) on CRC’s development agenda, fuelling the realisation that developing IT as a tool will help bridge the digital divide and make users become competitive.


The objective of the TRD Unit of CRC is to provide relevant, practical computer training courses to assist both undergraduate and graduate students, staff members and immediate members of FUTA community not only to learn to use the most commonly applied software, packages, IT infrastructure useful in their course of study but also to learn specialized and complex tools to place them ahead of their competitors.


The TRD Unit offers variety of training courses ranging from Basic Microsoft product (Office suites) to specialized courses. The unit organizes regular IT training sessions, specialized workshops and seminars all with the goal of eradicating IT illiteracy from FUTA and immediate environment. It also offers ordinary certificates, advanced certificates and professional certificates on her programmes. The following is a bit of series of training programmes in TRD:

i.          Computer Studies

ii.         Multimedia Designs and Presentations

iii.        Web Designs and Applications

iv.        Computer Engineering Practice

v.         Computer Networking

vi.        Computer Programming

vii.       Information Technology (IT)

viii.      Internet for Communications, Research and Business

ix.        Computer Operations

x.         Cyber Security

xi.        and lots more


Other initiatives of the Unit include:

i.          Linux User Group (LUG)

ii.         Information and Security Initiative (ISI) Group

iii.        FUTA/NYSC IT Integration Initiative

iv.        IT Training Collaboration Programme